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Shenzhen Meyers industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in import of screw air compressor after sale technical services. Its own brand and service network has been established in the industry of air compressor, increasing the amount of customers and business performance, is a nova compressor after sale service industry rising. Meyers industry is willing to provide quality, efficient, high quality for the various regions of the customer service of air compressor technology Our company has more than a solid theoretical foundation and practical experience of the engineers, they overhaul, to import brand air compressor unit repair, maintenance, modification of cooling system for energy-saving transformation of overseas experience, more strong professional ability and technical advantage.
The company all staff:
Success with hard, sweat with joy. Time flies, imperceptibly we have entered in 2013, on the occasion of the new year, I wish my colleagues happy and healthy in the new year, good luck in everything!
In a year of in the past, in the efforts of all staff, the company has achieved better results in all aspects.
Looking forward to the new year, we will adhere to high quality products and service as the center, to innovation as the driving force; improve staff product knowledge and service consciousness; speed up the internal management to upgrade our business, reducing the error rate, improve the individual value. To create first-class service for customers, and strive for the staff of the good life, and strive for our company to become the leader in the field of air compression system service. Finally, I wish you: happy new year, good luck in everything, a happy family.
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ShenZhen Miles industry trade co.,Ltd
Contact person: Meng Junjie
Tel: 0755-29432376
Fax: 0755-29433091
Address: Baoan Yintian Industrial Zone Yantian Business Plaza C block, room 205

more>>Corporate culture
We strive to provide can give full play to the career stage for employees, and make employee career development opportunity to the best in this business platform.
We pay attention to the construction of the elite team, regards people as the most valuable wealth, to better understand the team brought for the development of the company's competitive advantage. Each year we recruit from the society, the good university has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, leadership skills, good language communication ability and good spirit of cooperation of talent.
They enter the company, can get regular training and the opportunity to practice, each employee can get rapid growth. They fully display one's ability and cleverness, spirit and initiative innovation in common business platform, become the driving force of our development.
After years of development, already has a perfect service network in East China, Southern China, North China, central China, southwest and other regions, timely resolution of customer problems, guarantee the customer production. The company continued to provide service, to realize the localization service.